Top 4 Tips from TransH4CK 2013


TransH4CK was uncharted territory, both for the transgender and hackathon communities. Never before had there been a hackathon specifically for trans empowerment, nor had there ever been a group of trans people gathering for a community-oriented hack.

So, as I boarded a plane to fly across the country, I knew I wasn’t alone in never having attended a hackathon, despite spending the past decade in tech. With trepidation and excitement I embarked to see what I could learn and produce. And in the end, I exceeded my expectations.

TransH4CK kicked off with a series of Google Hangouts with innovators sharing their insight on creating tech platforms for the trans community. We heard fromĀ Janet Mock of #girlslikeus, Sarah Prager of Quist App, and Micha Cardenas, among others. TheĀ second day included a panel of trans and genderqueer folks employed in the tech industry.

As each presenter imparted their wisdom, I noticed 4 key themes emerge.

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